1. How much water is produced from 1 orange citrus fruit? From 1 medium orange will get 1/4 cup lemon juice.

2. To prevent scratches on the pot or anti-stick skillet, place the cloth delivered cempal pan / frying pan when you stack had to be stored in the closet.

3. In order for plates, pans, dishes that will be included in the oven easy to wash and clean after use, preferably before putting the food or dough to be baked first pack was mentioned with a plate or dish of aluminum foil paper.

4. Pizza cutter knife can become a kitchen fittings are versatile and not just for pizza. Use to eliminate the outskirts of bread when making sandwiches the children, cut the sandwich would be more easily into four parts to perfection, cut the pancakes, and so forth. The wheels are a sharp serrated knife cut the pizza makes it faster and easier than using a regular knife.

5. If you try a new recipe, follow the instructions according to existing recipes. If after taste, maybe there is a sense the less according to your taste, add seasoning recipe earlier in the record books. Write at the top right or bottom of the recipe. This way you will get the feeling that if you make a dish fit again.

6. So that sugar is not lumpy or altered so hard, put the marbles into sugar storage container.

7. To avoid the cheese becomes hard, before storage in the refrigerator should dab the edges with butter first.

8. Control food portions so that the child is not an overstatement, if you feed the children notice and without recourse. Do not give a portion of the same size as adults. Give 1 / 4 or 1 / 3 the size of an adult. After all, if he was still hungry, a child could ask for more than you have to throw away food that was not spent.

9. In order for your child's appetite grew, though try foods with a unique shape that interests or tastes. For example egg omelet cut into triangles, a small rectangle cut sandwiches, fruits are presented in the form of a circle or the like. Apart from delicacies, as well as children can also learn about the various shapes and summation.

10. In order for a variety of drinks and punch will be served or appear more interesting, add a little ice cubes that have been given flowers, herbs, fruits as well. How, to search for flowers / fruit from the pesticide-free organic. Rinse reserving one leaf blade or stem and then put one by one in a container of ice maker. After freezing, ice-decorated it is ready for use. Input into the glass / beverage or punch bowl.

11. If you buy an item and it will save them into the closet, usually the label still attached on the goods. Even if released, there are still remaining glue with a strong glue. To clean it, take white vinegar, rubbing the remnants lem.Tak will be no residual glue stick.

12. In order to stay fresh sweet corn, leave the place open for a few moments and then soak in cold water for 1 hour before storage in the refrigerator. We will be processed, cook quickly over high heat so that the sweet taste of corn does not evaporate.

13. Fresh tomatoes can last longer if you store it together with the rod and put a stalk on top position.
14. So that the fish is not so fishy odor and keep fresh at the time excluded from the freezer, thawed in a way to enter it into the milk.


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Libra - Scales (September 23 to October 23)

Full Doubt, hesitation, Adil Clever two-faced, Having Instinct Strong, Fascinating

Lucky numbers: 8, 17, 22, 35, 39, 44

Aroma Luck: Peppermint, Pine Wood, Vanilla

Planets orbiting: Venus

Lucky Flower: Violet Flowers

Lucky Color: Blue

Lucky stones: turquoise Stones / Jewels

Luck Element: Air

Couples Match: Aries

The Libra is very charming, unpredictable, and have high intelligence, they can cooperate and fair, but full of vacillation and always looking for inner peace. They are always worried in this day and always do anything to satisfy their needs. They like working together than working alone. They thirst for knowledge and have a great interest in the field of public relations and psychology. They appear as a peacemaker obtaining and rarely easy to get angry, but when angry, they can make others around him shook with fear. Libra classic taste and they like the combination of simplicity and perfection. Their reluctance is the biggest backward step for them. Not only make them lose the opportunity but also makes them associated with Libra to become confused. They have a huge desire to keep things remain harmonious and willing to make sacrifices to get it. They have the soul of art, beauty, and plans. This all helps Libra in achieving what they set. In completing its tasks, Libra always managed to compromise and persuade others to do the deed in accordance with his will.

Love the Libra: The Libra will do anything to satisfy their partner. They are interested in individuals who pretty / handsome. The Libra does not like dirty words, the appearance of a frivolous or bad behavior from their partner. The Libra does not like to hurt other people. Greatness, generosity and charm will always attract people nearby. Gets the security that will make him happy.


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